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Raya is an up and coming makeup artist in the Atlanta area. With only a few years of experience, she has worked on music videos, to photo shoots , weddings, and even Concerts. She has always been fascinated with make up since the age of 12, but never imagined it would be her profession. Being surrounded by other great makeup artists at The Glamatory has inspired her to make this a reality. With her comedic personality, she makes the experience a show! 

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IG : @facesbyjadin
Facebook:  Jadin Elizabeth

My name is Jadin Nardella, born in Kansas City, MO and have been living in Atlanta for 3 years now. I’ve been doing makeup for only one year but I absolutely love it and am so excited to continue to learn and perfect my craft. My resume includes working at The Glamatory since its opening in May of 2015 and working on many production jobs such as music videos and commercials. Come and see us!

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IG : @kenyahaynie

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IG : @jessicalutzzz

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IG: @resarashel


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